The Underwater Studio in the Los Angeles 30-Mile Zone

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The Underwater Studio “In The Zone”

Tank One Studios is located inside the L.A. 30-Mile Studio Zone, just off the 405 & 710 Freeways.

Green Screen & Set - Emanuel 289x231

Solutions To Every Need

Tank One can be staged for any water scene. From ocean, river or lake scenes, to submerged cars, aircraft and sinking ships, to flowing underwater dream sequences or a room quickly filling with water, we can help you to realize your shot, all in a safe, controlled and reproducible environment.

Men of Honor 289x231

Safety and Reliability

Our first concern is safety. With a proven track record and experienced technicians, Tank One Studios goes the extra step presenting productions with water safety reports every 3 hours, guaranteeing the water is safe for your A-list talent and crew. Safer, easier and more reliable than location filming in most public pools, lakes, oceans, and rivers, Tank One Studios is the perfect place to film your water scenes.