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Tank One is a 233,000 gallon water tank (within the LA 30-Mile Studio Zone) built specifically for underwater: motion picture, TV, music video, print and commercial production. Since 1998 Tank One Studios has been at the forefront of underwater production, providing a controlled environment to film all water, river, lake and ocean scenes for the entertainment industry. Tank One is production friendly and has the facilities and experience to assist you in meeting all of your creative goals.
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Why Choose Tank One?
In the Zone
Tank One Studios is easily accessible from anywhere in the Hollywood/LA area. Our Location, just off the 405 Freeway, makes us ideal for in town water shoots. Tank One Studios is located in Signal Hill, CA and situated well within the 30-Mile Studio Zone.
Tank One can adjust your water temperature from as low as 50F to as high as 110F. (Heating rates apply).
Tank One was built with Camera and Lighting in Mind. Pipe rigging as well as support frames abound for ANY lighting set up.
Production Support
The Perimeter of the Tank is lined with THREE separate rooms (40′ x 9′) which can be re-purposed for office space, changing rooms, make-up rooms, video village, lighting control, etc.
About Tank One
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Tank One’s Staff has assisted many productions in creating and supporting dozens of specialized FX and VFX shoots. Whether the scene calls for a flaming stuntman falling into water from a helicopter, green screen work or underwater magical mermaids, Tank One is there to help you achieve your shot.

Cost Effective
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Tank One studios has worked with major motion pictures, Independent projects, TV and commercial with budgets of all sizes. Whatever the need, we will work with you and your budget to help make your shoot a reality.

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Tank One and our staff will be there for you every step of the way. Supporting and facilitating your needs.

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Access Our Business Network

Tank One is not affiliated with any vendors, however we do have an extensive network of local and national service providors for almost any need. From catering to crane services, we know them all and can provide a vast list of providers. Click here for more.

What We Do?
Tank One is the leading service provider for underwater film work in the entertainment industry.

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