The follow is a list of items you will need to plan for:

  • SMOKINGDue to the highly flammable propane at our facility as well as City Ordinances, Tank One Studios is a designated NO SMOKING facility. This includes electric vapor cigarettes which are prohibited as they are a potential source of ignition. An allocated smoking area is available outside our front gate for smokers.
  • SET MEDIC – Per OSHA regulations, an On Set Medic is required anytime you have crew working at the facility. This includes prep, shoot or strike. Medic must provide his certification card to facility. For safety reasons, NO ADMITTANCE to facility until the medic arrives, so please arrange to have your medic arrive early so as not to inconvenience your crew or their work.
  • TANK WATER – Please take every precaution to ensure that you do not damage the water beyond the ability of our filtration system to clean. Our facility and livelihood depends on providing yours and the production just after yours with pristine clean water. If, after your shoot, the water is not cleanable you will be responsible for the cost of vacuuming and/or draining, cleaning and refilling the tank with water. In addition, other fees may be assessed if this results in loss of work. Your precautions include, but are not limited to: pre-cleaning (inside and out) everything going into the water including, but not limited to, all equipment, sets, wetsuits, green screens, etc. In addition, please pre-test all wardrobe, fabric, etc. to ensure color and fabric do not release in the water. All items that need to be painted must be painted a minimum of 48 hours prior to being put in the tank so that the paint can cure and does not “bleed” in the water.
  • BATHROOMS – Bathrooms must be delivered by production prior to or at the start of the prep crew arrival. Bathrooms can be arranged to be dropped off the day before at no additional cost (please coordinate with Tank One). Please note: If the bathrooms do not arrive with or prior to the start of prep and crew members need to use a bathroom, Tank One will provide a single port-a-john bathroom unit with sink at a cost to the production of $225/day. This bathroom is also available for standard production rental (see rental page).
  • FILM PERMITS – Filming at Tank One Studios does not require a film permit from the city of Signal Hill unless you are filming with certain special effects such as fire/pyrotechnics or you are working, blocking or parking large production vehicles in the street. Tank One recommends parking all production vehicles on the Tank One lot or in a pre-arranged private lot. Please do not park in or block any of our neighbors driveways/parking lots.
  •  SAFETY DIVER/S– Per OSHA regulations you will need to have a certified safety diver/s on site anytime there is anyone in the water. This includes prep, shoot or strike. The number of safety divers will be determined by the diver safety coordinator based on the number of people in the water. Tank One does not supply safety divers but a helpful contact list is available on our VENDORS page. The Safety Diver must provide Tank One with a copy of his/her diver certification prior to anyone entering the water. A copy can be emailed prior to the work day or presented on the day of work. A certified lifeguard can be used as a safety officer only if no one is diving with scuba equipment.
  • DIVER CERTIFICATION – All crew who will be working and diving with scuba tanks or supplied air must provide Tank One with copies of their diver certification prior to working in the water/Tank. Copies can be emailed prior to the work day or presented on the day of work. No diver will be allowed to dive without his/her card.
  • SAFETY MEETING –A brief mandatory safety meeting must be held at the start of all days there are to be crew or talent in or around the water. All personnel, including talent, are required to attend.
  •  UTILITY BOAT – Tank One recommends production bring a small utility boat or something similar to ferry personnel and equipment from the edge of the tank to the center set area. The small utility boat that Tank One has is for emergency situations only.
  •  PARKING (Additional) – Our next door neighbor (Howard Turner Mfg) has two lots available for rent. You will need to make a deal directly with them. These lots are typically used for production trucks, catering or crew vehicles. Please see PARKING page for additional parking lots and contacts.
    • Please note that the Howard Turner Mfg’s back lot is only accessible through our gate and thus productions must adhere to the same rules as when coming onto Tank One Studios property (clock starts, medic required).
  • SITE REP ($300/day) Note: one Tank One Site Rep to be placed on production company timecard/payroll or invoiced separately.
  • SECURITY – Tank One is not responsible for the security of any equipment or personal items of anyone related to the production. Tank One recommends hiring security. Tank One requests that a security guard or production crew member be stationed at the front gate at all times during on shoot days to identify and give entry to its crew. When applicable, Tank One also recommends overnight security.
  • HOURS – Shoot days are based on a 12 hour day (see rate sheet) before overtime charges go into effect. Prep days are based on 10 hour days.
  • WEEKEND & NIGHT SHOOTS – Please see rate sheet for fees.
  • TANK ACCESS – Access to the Tank is either by a large 6ft wide steel staircase or for large heavy set pieces, by crane or motorized lift. Under “Rental Equipment” on the VENDORS page of our website are various companies we do business with. We like them all. The only difference is price and travel fees from their lot to ours.
  • INSURANCE – Please note that a $3 million dollar insurance policy is required. If your company does not normally carry that amount, most film insurers will add an extended coverage rider for a nominal charge. This additional insurance requirement is due to both the dangers inherent in water work and the large quantity of highly flammable propane that is used to heat the water. Please include, as additionally insured on your insurance certificate: “Tank One, Inc. and it’s Employees, 2549 N. Palm Dr., Signal Hill, CA 90755”.
  •  ELECTRICITY – Production company must provide power/generator for their production (prep, shoot, strike). Please remember that power tools for the art, grip and electrical departments need electricity on prep days.
  • TRASH – Tank One does not have large trash bins. Production companies must either hire a trash pickup from a garbage removal company or plan to take their trash with them when they leave. Please order the trash pick-up for the end of the day of the shoot as in the past, bags of trash left overnight by the curb have been broken into by dogs, preventing garbage company pick-up. Please also bring trash cans and bags to be placed around facility and up at the Tank deck.
  • WORK LIGHTS – Please bring work lights if you are planning to wrap after dark or for night shoots.
  • ADDITIONAL ITEMS – Space heaters & pop up tents are recommended for cold or rainy days or night shoots.
  • THE HANGAR – A section of the Hangar can be rented for production (see RENTALS page). Otherwise, production personnel are not permitted inside the hangar.
  • JACUZZI – A Jacuzzi is available for a $375/day rental fee. Requests for the Jacuzzi rental must be made at least 24 hours prior to your shoot.
  • DRINKING WATER – Please make sure your cast and crew stay hydrated! Water naturally pulls moisture from the body creating potential for dehydration when working for long periods in the Tank. Sun exposure and heated water can also add to this effect.
  • FILMING FEES – All fees are due prior to the first day of work, prep or heating at Tank One.
  • PLEASE ASK – Tank One Studios and its employees are here to help you. If you have questions or need anything or want to use anything on the lot please ask first and we will do our best to accommodate your request.