Your Questions Answered

Tank One Studios is here for you and your production from beginning to end. We will work with you and do what it takes to make it happen right. Please look through our FAQ’s and if you still have questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Is Tank One within the Los Angeles 30-mile Studio Zone?
YES, Tank One is well within the zone.
What city is Tank One Located in?
Tank One is located in the city of Signal Hill which is just south of the 405 in the Long Beach area of Los Angeles.
What is the size and dimensions of Tank One?
Tank One is a 233,000 gallon, above ground, circular water tank. It is 50’ft. wide x 16’ft. deep.
Is the Tank indoor or outdoor?
Was Tank One built specifically for underwater filming?
Yes. Tank One is a custom built underwater filming stage created specifically for motion picture, television, commercial, music and print photography production.
Can the water in Tank One be heated and filtered?
Yes. Tank One is equipped with state-of-the-art water heating and filtration systems. Water heating is optional and requires additional fees. Prior to heating the water the standing “As Is” water temperature can vary depending on the time of year, weather and recent heating by other productions. Please see our Water Heating page (click here) under the STUDIO INFO pull-down tab for detailed information.
What is the optimum water temperature for actors or models that are not in wetsuits and will be in the water for long periods of time?
87-90 degrees Fahrenheit
Do you have a Hot Tub/Jacuzzi for actors and models to stay warm in during takes?
Yes. We have a full size Jacuzzi on the tank platform for actors, models, and other crew members to stay warm between shots. Additional rental fees apply. See our Jacuzzi page under the RENTALS pull-down tab for more information.
When the tank is drained, can it be used for anything else?
Yes. Let us know your location needs.
When not being used is the tank filled?
Yes. The Tank is full and ready for production. If draining is requested by production for specific reasons then additional cost apply for the prep/strike days necessary to empty and refill the 233,000 gallons of water.
How much time does it take to fill/empty the tank?
To fill: Approx 5 days to fill and 4 days empty.
What color are the interior tank walls?
The tank walls are finished with black epoxy paint.
What is the tank/water access?
Tank One has an elevated platform around the top of the tank accessed by 6′ ft wide metal staircase.
How do you get large/heavy set pieces into the tank?
Forklift and crane access is available directly adjacent to tank.
Is there a staging area for trucks and equipment?
An approx. 70’ft. x 80’ft. staging area exists directly adjacent to the tank. Additional staging/parking is available at our next door neighbor (separate fee). Please see our Parking page under the STUDIO INFO pull-down tab for more information.
Are production rooms available?
Yes. Please see our Production Rooms page under the STUDIO INFO pull-down tab for more information.
Does Tank One have an air compressor available for filling scuba tanks?
No. Production company supplied.
Is there a crane available?
No. Production company supplied.
Do you have a green screen?
No. Production company supplied.
Does Tank One have lighting equipment available for shoots?
No. Production company supplied.
Does Tank One provide power for my equipment?
No. Production company supplies all power for their own equipment. Tank One provides special 3-phase power for the tank heaters and filters.
Are there bathroom and shower facilities?
No. Production company must supply bathrooms for company prep, shoot and strike days. A single mobile bathroom with sink is available for rental. Please see Mobile Bathroom page under the RENTALS pull-down tab for more information.
Do I need a film permit for shooting at Tank One?
No. Film permits from the City Of Signal Hill are required only for productions planning to do special FX work that uses fire or pyrotechnics or productions who plan to use, block or park on the City street. Otherwise film permits are not required to shoot at Tank One Studios.
Are there any filming restrictions or sound ordinances?
No. Tank One is available 24/7. There are no filming restrictions or sound ordinances.
What are the insurance requirements?
Production company must provide an insurance certificate that includes liability insurance coverage of no less than $5 million dollars from an “A” rated insurance company. In addition, the certificate must name “Tank One, Inc. and its Employees” as additionally insured. Please see FILMING INFO page or call for more information.
What else is Tank One available for?
Whenever Tank One is not booked for normal shoots it can be made available for Law Enforcement Training, Diver Training, Public Service Works, School Tours, etc.