Tank One Parking

On site parking is available on site for vehicles, trailers, etc. (See drawing below for parking lot dimensions)

Additional Parking

Additional Parking is available for rental next door at Howard Turner Co. and various other nearby locations. (see list below)

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Parking (Additional) (click here)
Parking (Additional) (click here)


Howard-Turner MFG. Co. 2524 N. Palm Drive, Signal Hill, CA 90755 (562) 424-1655 Randy or Lilian Note: Property next door to Tank One Studios
City of Long Beach Tow & Lein 3111 E Willow St, Long Beach, CA 90755 (562) 570-2841 Cntc: Robert Givens Crew Parking, Base Camp
Tom’s Tire 2775 E Willow St, Signal Hill, CA 90755 (562) 424-0404 Crew Parking, Base Camp
Town Center Mall East S/E Corner of E. Willow St. & Cherry Ave. Signal Hill, CA 90806 (516) 869-2027 Sofia Crew parking, possible base camp
Long Beach School for Adults – Willow Campus 3701 E. Willow St. Long Beach, CA 90815 Rep: Unreal Locations (323) 953-6189  Peg or Jaquin Crew parking, possible base camp
Palm Business Park 2953 Obispo Ave. Signal Hill, CA 90755 (562) 436-2209   Lali
The Grand 4101 E. Willow St. Long Beach, CA 90815 (562) 882-6856 Jim



Howard Turner Manufacturing Co.

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Tom’s Tire:

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