Whether your filming needs call for a major breathtaking underwater sequence or a simple insert shot, tank one has the facility and experience to help you realize your creative vision.

  • Tank designed and built specifically for underwater photography
  • Controlled environment to film all water, river, lake & ocean scenes
  • In the 30-Mile L.A. Studio Zone
  • No minimum amount of days required
  • No mandatory equipment rental
  • No mandatory Union Technicians
Insurance Requirements
  • Production company must maintain liability and property insurance in the amount no less than three million dollars ($3,000,000). "Tank One Studios and It's Employees" must be added to insurance certificate as additionally insured.

Prep: Normal Company

Note: All company prep days can be used for heating water at no additional prep day cost.


Note: See O.T. Rates. Water Heating not included




Note: Shoot day is based on 12/hr day

Water Heating

1-3 prep days needed for water heating our 223,000 gallons of water. Number of days required depends on time of year/outside air temps. (see prep day rates)

Water Heating: PROPANE

Required for water heating: Production company pays for propane (Market Price). Tank One does not mark-up cost of propane. Heaters are included at no additional cost.

Camera Test Day

Note: Camera Test day rate is same as shoot day.

Night or Weekend Shoots

$400/day additional
Site Rep charge   (note: site rep to be invoiced separately or put on production payroll)                                                                                                       $300/day

Jacuzzi Rental


Mobile Bathroom Rental

Note: A single port-a-john bathroom with sink is available for rent. Typically this bathroom is rented for prep crews and not for shoots. Production company to provide bathroom for shoots.

For questions please contact Michael Parks at Tank One Studios (323) 385-6650.
Tank one is also available for diver training, law enforcement training, public service works, and more...