Tank One is a 233,000 gallon circular, above ground, water tank.Tank One Rendering


50′ diameter, 16′ deep


Available. Tank One can be heated to your specifications utilizing hi-tech electronic controlled propane heaters. (please see FAQ’s for details)


Tank One uses six state-of-the-art Pentair 2000 Series filters that purifies water to three microns. Whether your production calls for crystal clear water or a murkier ocean or lake effect, tank one can accommodate your needs. IMPORTANT: Tank One does not use normal pool sand filters which put microscopic silica glass in the water (not visible to eye) resulting in a cloudy “flashlight in fog” effect when lit by studio lighting.  (please see FAQ’s for details)


The walls of Tank One are finished with black epoxy paint so your shot clean and clear and is not effected by the blue haze associated with shooting in a swimming pool.