Water Heating

Tank One has a propane water heating system for shoots that require heated water. Water heating is optional and does require additional fees.

Basic Information:
  • Tank One Studios has three 50 Million BTU Water Heaters totaling 150 Million BTU of heating capacity.
  • Tank water takes approximately 3 days of Prep time, prior to the date of shooting, to heat the water to optimal temperature.
  • Special reduced Prep Day fee available for water heating only days (no company prep).
  • If heating water on a full Company Prep Day then no additional water heating prep day fee is required. (Tank technician fees still apply).
  • Optimal temperature for actors and crew (not in wetsuits) is between 87-90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Tank Heaters – Included in price of studio prep day fee.
  • Propane – Client is required to purchase 1000 gallons of propane at market cost to heat water.
  • Law and insurance requires us to have a tank technician monitoring the heaters 24hrs/day when propane is lit and heaters are on. Additional fees apply.
  • Our Propane Heaters are mobile and are available for rent when water heating in other locations is required (see rentals).


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